ClassifyIt 5.0 (no subscription)

ClassifyIt 5.0 (no subscription)ClassifyIT should be used in all computer systems that have the requirement to handle and control different levels of classified or sensitive information. To ensure the proper handling and dissemination of such classified or sensitive information it is key to mark and label the document, containing the information, with an appropriate classification marking. Such markings could be legally required in governmental or supranational computer systems, or business required by a company or consortium. When emails are distributed attachments can be encrypted with a AES encryption standard. Beside a classification ClassifyIT supports useful caveats to clearly mark the approved dissemination of an email or document, a translation feature and additional caveats.
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Concepts: Cryptography, Advanced Encryption Standard, Cipher, Marking, Personal computer, Mark, Key, Internet

/technology and computing/hardware/computer
/science/computer science/cryptography
/law, govt and politics

Tags: sensitive information, encryption standard, AES encryption standard, Advanced Encryption Standard, supranational computer systems, different levels, useful caveats, proper handling, appropriate classification, translation feature, additional caveats.Concepts, computing/hardware/computer/science/computer science/cryptography/law, classification ClassifyIT, dissemination

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