CleverControl Employee Monitoring 10 PC

CleverControl Employee Monitoring 10 PCCleverControl is a business program for employee monitoring based on a cloud technology. This software allows employers to enhance efficiency of their staff work efforts and also prevent corporate information from being disclosed. In addition, accumulated data could be an asset in resolving various issues and incidents in the workplace. CleverControl monitors all types of employees’ actions on their PCs: emails, chats and exchanging messages in more than 20 popular IMs, visited websites, social network usage including Facebook, Twitter, etc. Recording of work time duration, keystrokes in every application (browser included), running applications and printer and removable drives activity (USB, SD, etc.) is also available. CleverControl makes screenshots of every active window on the PC. CleverControl also gives you additional opportunity of turning your office computers into a simple but effective web-surveillance system. The program can make video and audio recordings using built-in computer web-cameras and mics. So you can record everything that’s being said and done around the computers. The software transfers collected data to a secured cloud server CleverControl on constant basis. So the managers can use their secure login on account to access any information remotely. All data is shown conveniently through organized graphs and charts that allow to recognize idlers and unscrupulous employees without effort. CleverControl is really easy to use, install and set up. All it takes to start is a quick registration on and installation of CleverControl Agent on employees’ computers. And after only couple of minutes you will be able to see first information.
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