Copernic Desktop Search 5

Copernic Desktop Search 5Copernic Desktop Search is a search engine for your computer’s content. Within seconds, Copernic Desktop Search instantly finds the information stored on your computer and displays search results by category. This Desktop Search tool will become the key search engine in your daily activities to meet your ever increasing search needs. Start turning information into results!
Copernic Desktop Search is like your personal assistant that finds everything you need on your computer, instantly. It helps you find that file stored somewhere on your computer. With over 150 file types supported and the possibility to add more, no file goes missing.
Your email client is loaded with multiple mailboxes and archives from past years, download Copernic Desktop Search to give you a hand. With a deep integration with Outlook®, Eudora®, Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail, you can quickly scan through hundreds of emails and their attachments.
Copernic Desktop Search allows you to search, preview and act on the information stored in your computer and that is relevant to you.
Find your documents, files, emails and search their content all in one interface.
Simpler and easier to use.
Revamped interface to show the results with more refine criterias and a better preview.
Now with the fastest indexing speed.
Improved indexing speed and capacity.
Making it the fastest of the desktop search tools.
Lean & Powerful.
Optimized to have the lowest memory foot print and computer resources usage.
We’re here for you to answer any of your questions.
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