Copernic license, upgrades, case priority and deployment assistance

Copernic license, upgrades, case priority and deployment assistanceSince you invested in Copernic technology for your search needs, protect this investement with expert technical support and a maintenance program tailored to get the most out of Copernic Desktop Search. The support team is only a few clicks away and the upgrade plan enables you to stay current with the latest innovation and releases
Get the latest releases for one year
Always stay with the newest features and product release. Take advantage of the most cost effective way to stay up-to-date by receiving free upgrades to new versions of your product during your coverage period.
Minimize the risk and downtime
Your support request will automatically be queued for priority response. Get advice from our technical support team on how to handle your technical issues.
Deploy Copernic Desktop Search more reliably
Get in contact with our team to receive the best practices to install, configure and customize Copernic Desktop Search based on your requirements. Gain access to hands-on support and deployment documentation.
Renew your Software Assurance on an annual basis and maintain access to our latest release and technical assistance.
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