Copy of Project Timer Cloud

Copy of Project Timer CloudOur Cloud subscription comes with a complete Pro version and has all the benefits of the Pro:

– Support by mail and phone
– Remove the start up splash screen
– Export activity data to and from Excel (free cut and paste)
– Remove the ads from reports to html
– Add invoicing (Complete invoicing module to create and manage invoices from your projects)
– Updates to the beta versions
– Access to premium payed templates
– Ability to print invoices
– Sync data in the Cloud
– Collaborate with other Cloud users on Projects and share timer data
– Create team reports of Projects
– Invoice Cloud Projects
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/finance/accounting and auditing/billing and invoicing
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Tags: Invoice Cloud ProjectsSummary, Cloud subscription, Complete invoicing module, complete Pro version, Export activity data, Cloud users, computing/consumer electronics/telephones/mobile phones, splash screen, timer data, Sync data, beta versions, team reports, invoices

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