Creature Creator Standalone ver1.6

Creature Creator Standalone ver1.6Creating humanoids, aliens, monsters, bugs, and other things that go bump in the night is an easy experience with Creature Creator. Make one-of-a-kind characters for cartoons, fantasy and sci-fi in minutes – by using any of the plugin’s library of over 500 pre-defined body parts, which can be tweeked or combined in endless ways for genuine originality. Of course you can also add your own modifications and models to the library to make the possibilities with this plugin endless. If you’re serious about your animations, you’ll want to add Creature Creator to your toolbox.
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Comments from Creature Creator users
FXRSoft market consists of multiple professional 3D producers, 3D middleware developers and consumer market for digital entertainment consisting of millions of end users focusing Japan, US and Europe, as well as the global market as a whole. More specifically, these end users are multinational new media conglomerates, 3D animation companies and schools, film and TV producers, international distributors of software, game developers an game engine developers, developers of artificial intelligence solutions for the entertainment biz, architects. Some of the FXR present customers answered the recent market research based on their user experiences of Creature Creator as follows:
-We use CC for 3D web content, games and web based games aniated for interactive content. Ability to create models quickly, very quickly.
Digital Solutions:
-We use CC first in Animation Master and LightWave and then output the animation to web video format and CD for video shipping. Gained speed in modeling process.
-The end product is used for stage shows for U2, Pink Floyd, Garbage, etc, for product shows like Nike or BMW, etc and in the near future in every dance club on the world. Creature Creator is fun to work with.
Javier Ramirez, 3D artist
-When I saw Creature Creator, my first thought was "wow, how much easier would it be to create good looking creatures with this tool???". Just recently, I saw Creature Lab and I really got excited. Having a program that would assist me in making the "basic" form of a creature, then exporting it to a 3D modelling program to do the details seemed like an excellent way to make up for my meagre skills in 3D modelling.
JDarrell Wright, Architectural designer for 13 years/Animator for 4 years
-I like using Creature Creator because the program allows me to create people in a short amount of time. In 5 minutes more or less I have been able to create a person male/female in precise detail. When I input this person into Lightwave, all I do is select the smoothing command for the surface names, apply the surfaces and I have a fully detailed, low poly model smoothed, textured, and ready to go.
-Again this program ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I’m one happy camper. Mark
Greetings from professional users
– Many thanks! I LOVE it!! – Skeetz Thank you also for the very quick response to my emails. I am very happy about this. Now, when people ask me about FXRSoft, I will tell them about the very good service I received now… Good luck! Sincerely, Lynn Grant
-Let me say that this program kicks ASS!! I’m smiling right now just digging this program. Let me know if there will be new updates.
Comments from a new user
– highly recommended! very easy to use interface….huge selection of parts ….i especially like the random feature to kick start my creativity! great product, guys! — tam ;o) "Creature Creator has already saved me time in creating monsters, to make a goblin took me less than 24 hours, and thats with texturing and such. Your product is a time saver to say the least. I’ve been working with 3D for 9 years and I really like your product�Jimmy 3D for 9 years."
-I really like to use Creature Creator model as a base and resculpt the head and the body to suit my needs…it works for me most of the time and is a huge time saving . I can sculpt a character in one day instead of the severals needed if starting from scratch! Marc Hermitte, Moving Stills
Comments from a Creature Creator user Catharina Harders, who does character texture creation for 3D gaming and the movies (Lord of the Rings and the latest Star Wars!) – has used Creature Creator for approx. one year now – meet on her own 3D site called
Creature Creator, the time saver creation of characters in 10 minutes.
Well CC it’s quite a time saver when it comes to create a character in ten minutes only! I really did it and even in shorter time. Compared with 3dsmax which took me about 3 months. Buica/Romania
Review of Creature Creator together with Carrara Studio
I have to say that as a novice modeler I really appreciated this product. I find that humanoid figures are tough for me to model quickly and I do better with rigid structures or fantasy creatures -hey, my guess at the length of a goblins arms is as
From a beginner ;
Hey it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m a happy customer. Thanks for your help, this is a great plug in!
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