CrystalDB Tool Standard Edition License

CrystalDB Tool Standard Edition LicenseCrystalNet Database Tool also called CrystalDB Tool is a Microsoft Windows based database tool which is used by developers, DBAs and analyst for managing, administering and developing databases. This tool supports the two most common database management system, which are Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. It provides an editor that offers code completion and syntax highlighting for standard SQL. It features a connection browser and a comprehensive set of database administration tools such as:
Database Management
The CrystalDB Tool provides database management functionalities which includes editing table data, creating or altering tables and views as well as database objects, backup and restore database etc.
Generate Scripts
This is a wizard in the CrystalDB Tool which allows the user to perform Data Definition Language(DDL) operations on the database objects. The DDL operations performed using this wizard include: ALTER, CREATE and DROP objects.
Import & Export Data
This is a wizard in the CrystalDB Tool which allows the user to create packages that import and export data between databases from different servers (MSSQL and Oracle), the same servers, spreadsheets, text files and XML Files.
Compare Databases
This is a wizard in the CrystalDB Tool which allows the user to compare the structure or the data in two databases both from the same server or different servers.
XML Explorer
This is a tool in the CrystalDB Tool which allows the user to view XML data from an xml file, excel file and any file which contains xml format and add a new xml data.
Query Builder
This is a tool in the CrystalDB Tool which provides an easy way to develop database queries by using a point-and-click interface and does not require in-depth knowledge about the SQL syntax.

For these databases which are commonly used in the industry we have added support for database specific features.
Some of these features are:
Edit Table Data
Auto Completion support in the SQL editor
Create/Alter Table support
Create/Alter Database objects support
Query Builder
Compare Data
Compare Schemas
Management of Databases, tables, views, triggers, synonyms, functions, procedures, etc.
Generate Scripts
Database Operations
Import and Export Data
XML Explorer
Database Management
Advance Data Search
Advance Object Search
Backup and Restore Database
Switch Oracle Client
Visual actions for CREATE, ALTER, DROP and so on
…and much more
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