CT and MRI Interactive Atlas of Cross-Sectional Anatomy

CT and MRI Interactive Atlas of Cross-Sectional AnatomyThis is an ultimate solution for atlas of human anatomy in CT/MRI cross secsion. This is a computer based anatomy atlas with CT/MRI cross-sectional images of head, chest, abdomen and pelvis. For your convenience, a large main window enables you to observe a highlightened anatomical area of your interest at glance.
A large image window and easy way to search; the screen has two main display windows, a image window and anatomical term table. Just pointing at an area in the image that you want to focus, the terminology will pop up and it’ll be highlighted in the term table. In addition, you can search by a term. The anatomical term table can be sort in alphabetical order or in an order of its anatomical order.
Highlight anatomical areas; just by clicking an anatomical area of your interest either on an image or a term in the anatomical term table, you can highlight multiple anatomical areas at the same time (up to five areas). As you scroll slices, it shows the structure of highlighted area in each slice. From here, you will observe the sequence of anatomy and how they are integrated.
In total, over 200 images are collected.
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