Customer Support Plugin for Match Agency BiZ

Customer Support Plugin for Match Agency BiZMatch Agency
by Datetopia – Dating Software & Matchmaking Scripts
History of Development

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Package 4: Match Agency BiZ , Buy Dating Site, Software Dating
v7.3 [MySQL: 72-73.php]
Special template layout for profile page (see layout_profile.php in latest templates)
Wishbox module
Remote Control module
Manage site groups and passwords
Update link partners data on multiple websites
Update link directory data on multiple websites
Censored Words filter module
Manage censored words lists, actions and targets for each list
Censor wishbox, tickets submission, shoutbox, internal messages
Integrated Contacts Grabber and Inviter that allows to grab Contacts, select and invite from:
MSN Messenger
Integrated VideoFlashChat Visitors Plugins so visitors can see live video directly on the profile pages if that person is available in the videochat rooms
Option to subscribe to newsletters from wishbox
Typos Generator module, automated typos generation for profile names on profile page
New Security menu in webmaster area for Ban & Censored words features
New Link Partners menu
Additional registration step to pick profile types before editing profile attributes, as special attribute categories can be defined for each profile type
Couple registration disabled if less than 2 profiles are allowed in default member rights
Delete & Close tickets with a click from detailed ticket view
Email notification for each friendship approval and friendship deny with the friends network plugin
Confirmation code required on registration to prevent automated registrations
Confirmation code required for wishbox and ticket submission to prevent spamming
Option to invite friends after registration completion
v7.2 {not published} [MySQL:71-72.php]
Downloads module (for hosting search engine friendly database of downloads or just html content like lyrics, jokes, tips, poems… )
Add entries for uploaded files
Add entries for external downloads
Custom class type (chose class to organise by: authors, categories, topics)
Manage classes
Manage items
View and clean history of search keywords and pages
Custom page templates
Generate html search engine friendly pages
Search (also generates search engine friendly pages for each search)
Top searches, Latest Searches
Link Partners module
Manage link partners and display density for each link
Import / Export link partner lists
Link partner categories
Links can be published on seo pages generated by Downloads module
Browse link partners by category
Ban module, allows banning ips from accessing script powered pages, single click ban directly from spam/abusive tickets
Member Groups module, allows assigning members to groups (by membership packages) for target mass mailing
Credit card management in member area (credit card support can be disable globally by webmaster)
Paypal IPN sample (automated paypal payment processing – don’t forget to edit money/mode/paypal.php before using it)
VideoFlashChat module supports multiple templates since v1.6
Improved Tickets module (1 click browse from sender, 1 click browse category, close all answered and older than 1 week ago, 1 month ago, keyword search searches in ticket title, posts, poster’s name, email)
Improved Link Exchange Directory module (custom number of items per row for categories and links, option to generate index.html and/or index.php files, SEO improvements, pagerank display, option to use main website url as backlink, move multiple links to another category)
v7.1 [MySQL: 70-71.php]
Administrators module
Manage (add, edit, delete)
Manage categories
Specify what webmaster modules each administrator can access
Tickets module
Custom predefined questions
Categories (Administrator categories)
Email notification (templates)
Newsletters module
Manage multiple newsletters
HTML code generator for subscription form
Manage subscribers
Option to autosignup ticket submiters to newsletters
VideoFlashChat module
Video Streaming trough FMS (Flash Media Server)
Multiple rooms editable from webmaster area with custom access ranks
Custom FMS server can be set for each room (webmaster can provide better server to premium users or create server location rooms – i.e. US/Europe)
Private video chat rooms
Private chat invitations with instant notification (link available on each profile)
Custom FMS server for private chat rooms
Custom chat text colors for unknown(default)/male/female
Custom session time limit
Import/Export Tool for Links [exchange] module
Checkbox fields for profile attributes (signup, profile edit, search) , options to show checkboxes on search instead for selection fields
New membership package durations (now: 1/15 Day(s), 1 Week, 1/3/4/6 Month(s), 1/10 Year()s)
Fixed blog deletion vulnerability
Fixed image croping vulnerability
v7.0 [MySQL: 67-70.php]
Modules – Installed modules can be enabled/disabled from webmaster area
Webmaster area facelift
Shoutbox module: users can easily post their opinions on the websit, emoticons & link parser
Banners modules
Manages and rotates banners
Counts impressions
Balances rotation depending on impressions
Supports any type of html banner (images, flash, javascript – i.e. google adsense)
Link exchange directory module
Manages a link exchange directory
Manual and automated submission
Backlink check
Remote content module: webmaster can manage content remotely on multiple websites
Improved help system: context help, related topics
Profile approval (in addition to pictures and resources approval)
Increased design compatibility with Firefox – now tested both in IE & Firefox
Buy Dating Site template
Package 3: Match Agency BiZ v6
v6.7 [MySQL: 66-67.php]
Compulsory required attributes (if required attributes are not not filled profile is not shown in searches, main listings)
New templates feature – if templates are not defined for certain pages, a default one is used from the "_default" set [lib/mysql.php, index.php, member_center.php, _header.php, _footer.php, entry.php, profile.php,templates/_default]
Zone attribute automatically filled on registration from administrative details to profile details (if profile zone is enabled on registration)
Attributes filled from registration page can be setup from the attributes editor in the webmaster area [webmaster/categories.php, register.php, inc/editprofile.php, inc/editattributes.php, inc/saveattributes.php]
Improved mass message sending. Realtime reporting, invalid member email reporting, sending limits. [webmaster/post.php]
Create new dynamic custom content pages. [view.php, webmaster/cms.php, webmaster/cms_new.php]
Order options for search results [search.php]
Default order by custom sorting points (calculations customizable by webmaster settings)
Option to show only members registered recently on searches
Changed SQL syntax to avoid mysql bug for certain mysql versions ( Unknown column … in ‘on clause" ) [match.php]
Registration page added to the template system (register.php, templates/…/register.php – edit default from _default template folder)
Simple/advanced search page added to the template system (search.php, templates/…/register.php – edit default from _default template folder)
New message reporting in mini login/member panel [inc/login.panel.php]
Fixed page 1 link for member resource list [resource_list.php]
Fixed new message number reporting [member_center.php]
Fixed internal message blind notification subject [messages.php]
Fixed member stats reset [inc/member.status.php]
v6.6 [MySQL: 65-66.php]
Invite (invited friends that join are added to the referral downline) [invite.php, link to the new feature was added to member_center.php file in templates/…]
Setting in webmaster area (Settings > Registration) to enable Invite only registrations (Private Club Mode)
Friend username listed on registration page when registering after invite, recommend [register.php]
Fixed affiliate id cookie change, affiliate cookie now expires in 24 hours [h.php]
Emoticons for profile question answers, messages (customizable in smilies folder) [lib/ntmtxt.php, smilies_popup.php, smilies/…, removed name tag for attribute browse links from profile.php in templates/…]
Number of messages sent limitations per hour (antispam), per day, per month (set 0 in rights to disable limitation) [messages.php, inc/members.status.php]
Default message templates (editable from webmaster area) [webmaster/messages_templates.php]
Custom message writing rights (without the right to write custom messages, members are limited to using default templates)
Import members script for moving data from other database types (currently supports AeDating, Dating Agent BiZ formats) [webmaster/import.php]
Profile attributes ordered from webmaster area [search.php, templates/../profile.php, webmaster/categories.php]
Profile attribute categories ordered from webmaster area [webmaster/categories_order.php]
Attributes listed on search results, listings (editable from webmaster area, attributes editor)
New listing type : extended, available with multiple features [inc/pull.lib.php, match.php, inc/friends.lib.php, agenda.php]
Improved picture approval section (removed image repeating for each language) [webmaster/approve_pictures.php]
Fixed confusing template from Webmaster Area > Mass Email [ tpl/webmaster_default/news.html ]
Fixed template for recommend profile to friend [ tpl/recommend.html, tpl/recommend.txt ]
Fixed QuickSearch attribute setting for profile attributes
v6.5 [MySQL: 64-65.php]
Entry page is shown now when visitors enter from other websites (not only when entering directly) [index.php]
Webmaster setting to enable automated approval without confirmation link : Settings > Notifications (confirmation should be removed from registration email templates) [register.php, inc/registration.lib.php]
Quick view profiles section in member center (latest profiles – maximum 3) with links to edit profile – can be disabled from Webmaster > Settings > Layout [templates/…/member_center.php]
New template file : Profile page. [profile.php, templates/…/profile.php] (copy the new file to all templates on your website!)
Edit links for profile owner directly on the profile page, for easy profile editing
Profile Stars. Stars is part of rights system – can be edited from webmaster area and added to membership packages [inc/member.lib.php, inc/pull.lib.php]
Crop tool with flash interface that allows users to select & crop uploaded images [image_edit.swf, image_edit.php, image_crop.php, manage_pictures.php, lib/mysql.php]
Picture stamp on pictures, thumbnails – custom transparent gif (in addition to upper left text stamp, picture stamp shows in bottom right corner of picture) [img.php, inc/imaging.php, inc/profile.lib.php, images/thumbs/logo.gif]
Profiles Index – seo friendly script for faster profile page indexing by search engines [profile_index.php]
Fixed profile forget on template change in messages [messages.php]
v6.4 [MySQL: 63-64.php]
Webmaster statistics page : recent daily activity [webmaster/stats.php, webmaster/stats_99.php]
Improved settings editor – webmaster area (faster editing by category, multiple special inputs) [webmaster/_header.php, webmaster/edit_settings.php]
Group profiles (similar to couple but multiple profiles can be linked) [manage_profiles.php]
Improved member rights editor – webmaster area (special Yes/No inputs for boolean rights) [webmaster/rights.php]
Improved payment processing – webmaster area (member details, processed transfers) [webmaster/process.php]
Search engine friendly titles and urls for resources [resource.php, inc/resource.php]
Search engine friendly dynamic keywords, description [_header.php]
Search engine friendly profile listings and urls [inc/pull.lib.php]
New template file : member account [member_center.php, templates/../member_center.php (Copy new file to all templates !) ]
New template file : website entry page [entry.php, templates/../entry.php]
New system attributes (Quick Search #1,#2,#3 used for the entry page forms) [webmaster/categories.php]
Blogs Plugin support [blogs.php, blogs_new.php, blogs_list.php, blogs_articles.php, blogs_publish.php, inc/blogs.lib.php, webmaster/blogs_templates.php, "b" write enabled folder]
Maximum number of blogs for each account is defined in rights
Author Profile – Blog interlinks
Search Engine Friendly
Folder with title name for each blog
Static seo-wise html page with title name for each page
Blog Index (blog site map) with links to all blogs
Multiple blog templates
Multiple languages
WYSIWYG editor for articles
Blogs Management : Create, Publish, Delete
Article Management : Create, Edit, Delete
Profile layout improvements [profile.php]
Removed useless approval link from resource listings (only webmaster can approve if required) [resource_list.php]
Fixed event resource display for visitors [inc/resource.php]
Fixed calendar problem with months that start Sunday [inc/calendar.lib.php]
v6.3 [MySQL: 62-63.php]
Search engine friendly titles for multiple pages (page topic is added in from of the title specified from settings) [_header.php, …]
Targeted membership packages for accounts that contain profiles of certain genders, targeted trial packages [member_center.php, inc/member.lib.php, webmaster/packages.php]
HTML / TEXT templates for registration emails [tpl/register.html, tpl/register.txt, tpl/lang/…]
New template (clean, no images): CleanPink [templates/clean/…]
New right for automated friends approval (Friend Approval Status) , friendship notification email [ friends_add.php ]
New messaging rights (Message to Same Type (to restrict fake gender reporting), Message Friends (applies when Send Messages is disabled)) [messages.php]
Updated webmaster help system topics and static documentation [webmaster/help.php, webmaster/viewhelp.php, webmaster/docs.html]
Implemented camdate plugin access limitation rights (Camdate) [camdate.php]
Fixed automated gender flag assignation for custom genders on registration [register.php]
Fixed additional number of picture reporting [profile.php]
Fixed table tag when no packages available for purchase on membership details [member_center.php]
Fixed blank pages sometimes on next for the top resource listings [inc/resource.php]
Fixed message board icon when disabled on pictures screen [manage_pictures.php]
Fixed money transfers listings (layout and language change) [money/balance.php]
v6.2 [MySQL: 61-62.php – Warning: This update resets attributes and categories – backup attrib and categories tables separately to restore.]
Help System, multilanguage, unlimited levels of topics and subtopics, editable by webmaster [help.php, inc/login.panel.php, webmaster/help.php]
Recommend profile to friend [recommend.php, tpl/recommend.html, recommend.txt]
Comments can be written on each profile [profile.php, inc/comments.lib.php]
Friends plugin, profiles can be added after approval to friends list displayed on each profile [ friends.php, friends_add.php, inc/friends.lib.php]
Options to disable ratings and to disable comments from profile page [webmaster/categories.php]
Winks, Kisses – special winks/kisses inbox [messages.php]
Special rights to wink, kiss, send message
Special rights for the number of resources that can be uploaded (for each resource type) [resource_manage.php]
Profiles open in same window, instead of a new window [inc/pull.lib.php]
Updated new message reporting for new messages system [member_center.php]
Updated profile edit screen to show again attributes from the main category [inc/editprofile.php]
Updated picture management screen to fix additional spaces [manage_pictures.php]
Fixed broken image links [login.php, register.php]
Removed form margins for better layout [templates/…/styles.css]
v6.1 [All files must be updated. MySQL: 60-61.php]
Gender specific attributes filtered by Searcheable / Quick Info listings on edit [inc/editprofile.php]
Repaired some broken template image links on registration screen [register.php]
Profile reports number of additional public pictures [profile.php]
All profile attributes can be used for browsing.
Separator for profile questions listing can be defined. [mysql: system.reset.sql – don’t forget to restore your custom settings in webmaster area after this update]
Message notification allows html templates now, also fixed some issues with variable reporting. [messages.php, tpl/notification.html, tpl/notification.txt, tpl/#language_number/…]
Changed search code to increase compatibility with some servers that used to return array warnings on search. [inc/]
Days with events are marked in calendar with [ … ] [inc/calendar.lib.php]
New messages system [ messages.php (all older formatted messages are discarded on upgrade) ]
User can also select the message destination directly from a dropdown containing all favourites
User can save messages as templates that can be restored from a dropdown when composing a new message
Older messages can be trashed or stored in archive
Sent messages are availabe to read until deleted by the receiver
Block profiles, block groups (block messages from certain profiles) [agenda.php]
Added vote link on rating name [inc/ratings.lib.php]
Updated system information panel for custom genders [sysinfo.php]
Updated top picture listings for custom genders [top_pictures.php, inc/pull.lib.php]
Top rated profiles for each rating type [inc/ratings.lib.php, ratings_top.php]
Fixed title color for the simple flash chat zone [chat_zone.php]
Fixed slashes in sent emails (otherwise fixed by turning magic quotes off) [webmaster/post.php, webmaster/newsletter.php]
v6.0 [Major update: All files must be updated. MySQL: _setup/mysql/55-60.php]
Mutiple Templates ( user selectable )
Zone filters
Search Feeds (users also get results from other websites and must go there to view the profiles, enables webmasters to create agency networks)
Match Newsletters
Send HTML Mass Messages
Improved matchmaking: Option to turn off partial results on searches, gender/profile type is absolute criteria, better calculations.
Special couple search
All system fields are now editable (customizable genders/profile types!)
Special attribute categories can be defined for each gender/profile type
Additional profile pictures listing also lists adult pictures for adults
The daily bonus for each profile applies only to profiles that have pictures.
Custom favourite groups and icons for each group editable from webmaster area
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