Cutout Windows 64 bit for Maya 2017

Cutout Windows 64 bit for Maya 2017Cutout

Cutout is a plugin for Autodesk Maya or MAXON Cinema 4D for the purpose of building real paper models out of paper from your virtual 3d models.
Converts an arbitrary triangular mesh modeled or loaded into maya to a printable papercraft
Papercraft is directly generated in the scene — no need to export
Handles arbitrary material (also mixed) on the mesh: textures, single colors, materials etc.
Original mesh can be optionally deleted or kept in the scene
Final page size of the papercraft can be limited
The final pieces of paper can be arranged side by side, as an animation, or stacked
Papercraft is generated axis-aligned for easy printing and/or rendering
The size of the lugs can be adjusted
Undo/Redo capable
Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS X
Demo version available
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Summary: MAXON Cinema, Autodesk, Mac OS X, Windows

Concepts: Operating system, Cinema 4D, Mac OS X, Apple Inc., Macintosh, Mac OS

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Tags: MAXON Cinema 4D, arbitrary triangular mesh, Mac OS, Handles arbitrary material, real paper models, printable papercraft, Demo version availableSummary, Final page size, Autodesk Maya, Original mesh, single colors, easy printing, final pieces, Apple Inc., systems/mac os/science/mathematics/geometry/technology, Mac OSCategories, Cutout, scene

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