dbQwikMySQL2AccessMove MySQL databases into access with ease. If you ever wanted a copy of your MySQL data base on your PC without installing MySQL then this program is for you.;
Dozens of uses and Benefits:
Back up your MySQL into a working relational format.
Back up your MySQL into dump files.
Make MySQL data available off-line.
Share data in MS Office for mail merging with word, reporting and analysis with MS Excel
Make your data available to hundreds of desktop applications that can access or import MS Access format databases.
Developers can use MS Access copies to test and document your MySQL database.
Connects to both local and remote MySQL databases
Import to MS Access directly from MySQL
Imports to MS Access from standard MySQL dump files if you are not allowed to connect to MySQL directly.
Create MySQL dump files.
Select only the tables you want to import
Automatically converts your data types.
You can move just empty tables or both tables and data
Creates tables in MS Access when they are already in your database
Preview your data before importing.
Does NOT requires MS Access on your PC to work
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