dbQwikMySSHdbQwik™MySSH is provides you with a built in SSH client and a super easy visual interface for configuring SSH to work with your MyODBC settings. You can literally see the status of your SSH connection to your server and which myODBC connections are configured to use your dbQwik™mySSH connection. There is no easier way to start using SSH with MySQL. Don’t waste time learning cryptic SSH commands, guessing settings of other multi-purpose tools. dbQwik™ mySSH is preconfigured to work with MySQL.
Easily set up SSH connections to MySQL databases.
Protect data transmitting between your PC and remote servers.
Built in SSH client, nothing else to buy.
Easy to use interactive graphic interface
Instantly see the status of your SSH Connection
Turn SSH on and off
Visually see which MySQL connections are using SSH and which are not.
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