DDFileCatcher 4

DDFileCatcher 4DDFileCatcher makes lists of files (from one file to thousands). Select exactly the files you want and simply drag and drop any number of files from Windows Explorer onto DDFileCatcher and DDFileCatcher will a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, OpenOffice Calc and Writer, text file or the Clipboard saved in plain text, XML, CSV or tab-delimited formats.
File listing power – Lists over 340 file properties, including over 100 digital image properties and MP3 information. Searches sub folders and complete drives.

File listing flexibility – Uses Windows Explorer to select the files to list. This means you can perform file searches and list the files from them, select only one or all files in a folder and drag them onto DDFileCatcher, select any number of files from different folders for listing. File information can be listed in any order. Several useful output formats including XML, CSV, tab-delimited, folders followed by filenames.

File listing simplicity – Intuitive drag drop of files, reloadable setups – no need to remember which file properties you listed last time, save them with a setup name and reload the same setup.
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