DDFileCatcher 5

DDFileCatcher 5Super Windows file listing application
Use DDFileCatcher to collect lists of files from your computer, and produce detailed, formatted file reports.
Save your file reports to:
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
OpenOffice Calc and Write
The Clipboard
Text files in many useful formats: XML, CSV, tab delimited
Make your own custom templates for outputting file lists.
Which file properties can I list?
You can choose all the popular ones you see in Windows File Explorer and above that, you can pick from over 700 file properties.
Can I see what the file list report will look like?
Yes you can. DDFileCatcher shows you a grid with all the files and file properties, and also shows you what the output will look like in a preview pane.
You’ll be glad you tried DDFileCatcher. It will save you time and money!
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