Dekart SIM card Reader

Dekart SIM card ReaderWith Dekart SIM card reader you can easily manage GSM SIM phonebook data and perform timely backups in case of mobile phone loss or upgrade. Dekart SIM card reader is a USB plug-in reader for managing mobile phone’s SIM cards, including UMTS USIM cards for 3rd generation mobile communications. It is also a full-featured PC/SC compliant smart card reader for PC security applications, compatible with all types of smart cards available on the market today. Dekart SIM card reader comes together with a FREE Dekart SIM Manager 1.9, a popular program for managing phonebook entries without the need to type in using mobile phone’s keypad. With both SIM card reader and the software, users can manage the PIN codes on their SIM/USIM cards, perform easy and fast upgrade to another SIM, as well as change information on a large number of SIM cards in a convenient and efficient way. Busy users will find this software helpful in importing their existing contacts from Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Office Outlook, theBat! and other address books in CSV format.
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