Deutschland1789Deutschland 1789 German Version
35 maps show the structure of Germany (and some neighbouring areas) at the end of the Holy Roman Empire of the Geman Nation.
The purpose is not to document any territorial claims.
Many customs, traditions and even architecture or landscape have their roots in history.
A simple example: why is carneval celebrated in one village but not in the next one only 5 miles away? One was probably part of a catholic territory and the other part of a protestant territory.
Deutschland 1789 includes the following maps:
The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
interactive map to choose the area to be enlarged
Swabia (Bavarian part)
Baden-Würtemberg Southern Part
Baden-Würtemberg Northern Part
Hesse Southern part
Hesse Northern part
Saxony – Thuringia – Anhalt
Silesia (1763)
Schleswig-Holstein (1730)
South-Western part of Lower Saxony (Bentheim, Lingen and Osnabrück)
Niederstift Münster
interactive map to choose the area to be enlarged
Bishporic of Cologne
Lower Rhineland
Bishopric of Münster – Southern part
Minden-Ravensberg and Lippe
Bishopric of Paderborn and Principality of Waldeck
Duchy of Westfalen
Ruhr area
Limburg and Liege
Tyrol (1766)
East-Prussia and West-Prussia
Baltic countries 16. century
Baltic countries end of the 17. century
Baltic countries end of the 18. century
Legend and abbreviations
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