dev.LUX Bundle

dev.LUX BundleThe dev.LUX Bundle

The dev.LUX Bundle contains our Mac Apps Tilt-Shift-Focus, Colorator and Social Avatar Helper Pro

Create Tilt-Shift effects on your Mac, combine black & white with color in your photos or create a new facebook or twitter profile picture. All that while saving 33% off the regular prices.

With Tilt-Shift-Focus you can easily edit photos to create fake miniatures, enhance or change the depth of field and focus area of your picture, or precisely soften details. Fake miniature and depth of field can improve the visual and artistic quality of your photographs and you can do all that with just a few clicks in Tilt-Shift-Focus editor.

Colorator removes specific colors from your images. This allows you to highlight certain important parts of a picture. Imagine blue eyes, red lips or colorful flowers in front of a black & white background. Or remove anoying objects in a non-destructive way by turning them gray. Colorful persons or objects on top of gray backgrounds or vice versa. This is a technique often used in movies or commercial photography. Give it a try!

Social Avatar Helper Pro
The Social Avatar Helper is a tool that helps you create your avatars or profile pictures for social websites like facebook or twitter. All you have to do, is to load a picture, select the part you want to use, add a little effect or filter and then save it. A profile picture for your most important accounts. Already with the correct image-size. All-in-one tool. take one image – edit it – save it for facebook • twitter • skype • google • linked-in
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