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DextUpload ProDEXTUpload Professional 3.1 is a powerful Http-based Component, which makes you upload files from the Web Browser to Web Server. DEXTUpload Professional 3.1 is also available on any IIS(Internet Information Server) web sites. Since DEXTUpload Professional is very well known for its stability, more than 5000 Internet sites all over the world use it. We, developers are doing our best to upgrade its functions and stability of DEXTUpload Professional.
Powerful and Stable Uploading
Supporting large file uploading(2GB)
Stability Based on ATL Technology and optimized parsing Algorithm
Uploading to Database BLOB(Binary Large Object)
Perfect support to manage Unicode-based Form data and file names
Informative pop-up progress window
Pop-up progress window showing uploading speed, file size, uploaded file size, uploading file size and remaining time
Customizable Pop-up progress window
Powerful and Smart Downloading Function
Fast downloading speed
Caching function to minimize the use of File
Automatic resuming broken downloads on the Browser
Smart Image Processing Function
Wartermarking uploaded images
Thumbnail view/resizing uploaded images
.NET Connected Logo License
Supporting the specifications set forth in the "Microsoft .NET
Qualified to Standards of Microsoft
Server Requirements
Client Requirements
MS Windows 2000/2003 Server Family
MS Windows XP Professional (IIS installed)
IIS 5.0 2. and above
MS Internet Explorer 4.0 and above
Netscape 3.0 and above
MacOS X Safari and above
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