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Digital Director DocuDocumentary filmmakers usually have very specific image and Tonkonzepte for their films: it is that they imagine a dynamic implementation, a substituted camera or an epic film with long shots from the tripod is. The different frame styles have a significant influence on the way the testimony of a film and are therefore not interchangeable.
Many documentary filmmakers are preparing their films alone and have all aspects even keep in mind. This includes, for. Example the development of the image and Tonkonzepte including instructions for the team including lighting and lighting concepts, and content, such as. Example questions to the various interview encoder, transmission length and course dates filming and editing. And finally different venues must be listed the addresses of the locations and ev. Thereof. With this flood of information smartphones and digital organizer are overwhelmed, but it is a professional film planning tool needed.
Digital Director Docu support documentary filmmakers active in the preparations of her films, from the initial idea to image and Tonkonzepte to the disposables for the team. Instead of being on the way to shooting the cameraman, sound engineer and ev. Electrician to explain the film idea (an actually quite common practice) are created with Digital Director Docu in the planning phase, all documents and can be sent to the team by e-mail before the shooting dates . So the filmmakers remain during the actual shooting time and space, to take care of the creative part of the project because the team already knows his ideas and need not be further instructed.
With Sceneum Docu Digital Workflow for Filmmakers thus starts at the planning stage.
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