DotFix LiteProtect Developer License

DotFix LiteProtect Developer LicenseDotFix LiteProtect is a software protector that use a number of anti-unpacking tricks (pun intended). Though it doesn’t provide strong protection, it’s virtually impossible to unpack any program protected by DotFix LiteProtect with a generic unpacker. Before packing your program, LiteProtect will encrypt its code section and entry point. Thanks to polymorphic code and packer’s signature modifications, LiteProtect can successfully fend off all automatic unpacking tools and most novice crackers.

Main Features:

Protects the entry point and code;
Correctly parses TLS and the import table;
Uses the strong Stolen bytes protection;
Uses polymorphic unpacking code;
Has an anti-tracing engine;
Supports all Win32 compilers (Visual C++, C++ Builder, Delphi, and Visual Basic).
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