Dub2DVDub2DV is a tool that allows various programs to play video out through FireWire in DV format.
Dub2DV works with any program – from simple video player up to professional audio editing software.

Main field of application is Video dubbing studios.

Key features:
Almost any program that can use DirectShow video filters can work with Dub2DV.
Direct DV stream transfer without recompression.
Low CPU usage.
Supports DV avi files encoded in PAL 720*[email protected], NTSC 720*[email protected]
Built in DV capture option.
Precise synchronization.
Automatic compensation of delay in DV device.
Automatic selection of connected program.
Individual options for every connected program.
Allows to hide unnecessary video windows in connected programs.
Easy to use. Just open Your project in audio editing software and video is already transferring out through FireWire.
Dub2DV specially tested to work with professional audio editing software such as Steinberg Nuendo, Magix Samplitude, Cakewalk SONAR.
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