Dunreeb Mosaic Mac OS X 64 bit for Maya 2017

Dunreeb Mosaic Mac OS X 64 bit for Maya 2017Mosaic

Dunreeb Mosaic is a plugin for creating three-dimensional optional textured mosaics, which supports the following features:
Many different forms of mosaics can be generated.
The number of edges, height, distances, dimensions etc. are adjustable.
Crease, rotate, separate can be controlled.
Special algorithms help to avoid spike or small parts when needed.
Textures can be used as a color source or directly.
Colors and textures can be mixed
The mapping can be set and applied to the entire mosaic or its components.
Materials are appropriately generated, the number can be automatically limited.
Free and detailed instructions will be published soon.
A large amount of presets is included to demonstrate the features. Build on this to develop your own ideas.
undo capable
plugin for cinema 4d, maya coming soon
for Windows
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Summary: Dunreeb Mosaic, Windows

Concepts: Cinema 4D, Real number, English-language films

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Tags: Dunreeb Mosaic, optional textured mosaics, different forms, following features, Special algorithms, small parts, color source, Cinema 4D, English-language filmsCategories, computing/software/graphics software/animation/style, entertainment/visual art, Real number, textures, Crease, rotate, plugin, edges, distances, height, presets, spike, dimensions, maya, Colors, mapping, components, instructions, Materials, ideas, WindowsSummary, WindowsConcepts

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