DXF Sharp Viewer

DXF Sharp ViewerA DXF viewer with the following features (DXF is a file format for exchanging CAD files defined by AutoCad):
View ascii and binary DXF files (these may be zipped). See CadLib for more details about supported entities.
Interact with the view (rotate/pan/zoom). Left mouse button: rotate. Right mouse button: pan. Middle mouse button or left mouse button + shift key: zoom rectangle. Scroll wheel: zoom to mouse position.
Copy to clipboard as windows meta file.
New: Export to PDF.
Save as .bmp/.jpeg/.png/.tiff/.gif.
Layer view for enabling/disabling layers. Entities in layers can be expanded.
Properties view where properties of layers and entities can be viewed.
Shx and true type fonts are supported. Shx fonts are not supplied though. These can be downloaded from somewhere else and put in the application folder.
Drag and drop dxf files onto the viewer.
Both 2D and 3D are supported
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