EasyLock – Portable Data Encryption (256bit AES) for Portable Devices

EasyLock - Portable Data Encryption (256bit AES) for Portable DevicesEasyLock protects that date on your portable storage device with military strength 256bit AES encryption. The drag and drop interface allows to transfer files and folders from your PC to your portable storage device simple and fast. EasyLock offers cross-platform protection, being compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS.
EasyLock also transfers your portable storage device into a TrustedDevice (Level 1). TrustedDevices are especially used in company networks that use Endpoint Protector for their Endpoint Security and USB port protection. By using TrustedDevices companies can make sure that all data copied to portable devices is encrypted and in case a device is lost or stolen, all data on it remains protected. TrustedDevices and EasyLock help prevent Data Loss (DLP), Data Theft and Data Leakage in general.
EasyLock is designed for small and medium sized business, enterprise and governmental use in combination with Endpoint Protector 2008 in networks or Secure it Easy USB Firewall on standalone PCs.
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