EasyShotsEasyShots is a handy tool that will detect whenever a screenshot is taken using Print Screen or Alt + PrintScreen. It places the screenshot on a list from where you can preview screenshots, save individual screenshots, or save all the screenshots in just one button press. Incredibly easy! With EasyShots you can: * Capture screenshots taken using the PrintScreen key or ALT+PrintScreen * Preview screenshots quickly * Quickly save all screenshots taken into a predefined folder * Save individual screenshots to a selected location * Drag a screenshot into any folder, image editing tool or application, even instant messengers! What’s New in 2.0? * Improved User Interface * Menu options & keyboard shortcuts for all functions * System tray icon can show balloon notifications * Screenshots can now be emailed (as attachments or inlined with HTML) * Window position and size is preserved upon exit * Supports JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF file formats
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