EF Multi File Renamer

EF Multi File RenamerEF Multi File Renamer a versatile tool for comfortable renaming of numerous files or whole directories (including subfolders) in a processing step. In relation to comparable programs, EF Multi File Renamer stands out by its concept for the clear definition against renaming rules. Select the rule(s) you need for the current task from an extensive set of predefined rules. Each rule has its individual settings. Renaming tasks can be implemented clearly with a minimum of efforts. Complex tasks can combine more rules in the desired order as well as several times. The integrated real time preview shows each change of parameters immediately, Defined rules set can be stored and later load. The possibility to deactivate individual rules increase the flexibility and function variety. Rules position in a set can be changed with ease. Here are some key features of EF Multi File Renamer: * The Windows Explorer like interface offers an optimal overview on the entries. * Clear, easily understandable definition from simple to complex renaming rules with a multiplicity of options. Rule sets can be stored and loaded later again. * Complete real time preview of the new file names before renaming including error recognition with name conflicts. * Undo the last renaming operation. * Recursive processing of subfolders and the files contained in it. * Filter function for the restriction of the files on the basis of various criteria. * Integration of external description Plugins in the WDX format written by third parties. * Export of file lists in different formats. Multilingual. Shareware, FREE Updates.
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