EF Process Manager

EF Process ManagerWhat the Process Manager is and what you can do with it:
you can easily see what�s happening behind the desktop
which processes are running on your computer
you can see all modules which are loaded, or only those used by a particular process
you�re the master: Process Manager lets you close normally or kill any running process
register and unregister modules
complete information about process and modules
see Windows error codes
consult environment variables
search for modules on the disk
export the information for further use in Excel
So, with one quick look you can see that Process Manager is the tool you�re looking for a long time, it shows you the backstage of your computer, and more, it lets you control things.
The following languages are included in the package: English, German (Deutsch), Chinese, Czech, French (Français), Hungarian (Magyar), Polish (Polski), Romanian (Româneste), Russian, Spanish (Español), Ukrainian.
Shareware, FREE Updates.
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