Eisenbahn-Karte der österreich-ungarischen Monarchie, ~1900

Eisenbahn-Karte der österreich-ungarischen Monarchie, ~1900A detailed map of the Austro-Hungarian railroad network at the beginning of the 20th century. The main administrative divisions of the dual monarchy are clearily legible.
2 scanned maps of the Austro-Hungarian dual Monarchy in .jpg format.
Size of the high-res. map 8888 x 6593 pixels x 300 dpi.
Size of the low-res. map 2844 x 2110 pixels x 96 dpi.
Real size, same as the original: 75 cm x 56 cm.
Can be viewed and printed with any imaging software (Photoshop etc.)
If you choose e-mail shipping, you will receive immediately after completion of your payment a download link with login and password valid for 24 hours. If you choose physical shipping, you will receive the same link and, in addition, a CD-ROM copy of the map by post. Physical handling and shipping costs are 10 euros for all countries.
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