Email Management Toolkit(NSF Split+ NSF Merge)Single User License

Email Management Toolkit(NSF Split+ NSF Merge)Single User LicenseSysInfoTools Email Management Toolkit(NSF Split + NSF Merge)
Key features:-
Performs safe splitting of NSF database file into multiple smaller parts.
Supports multiple options to split NSF: split NSF by size, by date and by sender email ID.
Also supports creation of single NSF file or separate files for selected folders.
Auto-detects the information of NSF database before starting the actual operation.
Consolidate multiple NSF files into a single file at a time with no maximum limit.
Offers multiple merging process including Join NSF, Merge NSF and Merge Contact.
Removes the duplicate items with filter with created data feature.
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Summary: NSF

Concepts: File system, Filter, Unicode, Data hierarchy, Inter-process communication, Merge, Split Airport, Computer file

/technology and computing/software/databases
/business and industrial/company/merger and acquisition
/technology and computing/hardware/computer

Tags: NSF Merge, NSF database file, single NSF file, multiple NSF files, Merge NSF, Join NSF, multiple smaller parts, sender email ID, Supports multiple options, Merge Contact, Split Airport, safe splitting, Key features, Inter-process communication, maximum limit, duplicate items, separate files, actual operation, Data hierarchy, single file, data feature.Summary

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