Email Management Toolkit(PST Split + PST Recovery)Single User License

Email Management Toolkit(PST Split + PST Recovery)Single User LicenseSysInfoTools Email Management Toolkit(PST Split + PST Recovery)
Key features:-
Implements splitting of large-sized MS Outlook PST file into numerous smaller parts in complete safe mode
Performs swift splitting of selected specific PST file in just no time
Creates single PST or separate PST file for selected or every selected folders respectively (optional)
Support non-English and right to left characters also
Support huge PST files up to 80GB PST tested
Normal attachments as well embedded attachments are also supported
Support all outlook mail items like email, task, calendar, contacts, distribution group etc.
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Summary: safe mode, 80GB

Concepts: File system, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server, E-mail, Support, Normal distribution, Outlook Express, Left-wing politics

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