Epic Battle Sample Library

Epic Battle Sample LibraryEpic Battle – cinematic sound for everyone

Epic Battle library offers 250 professionally created loop samples. Samples were recorded in the studio and carefully proceeded.

Loops are divided into 3 directories:
– classic tom loops (Big Toms),
– experimental loops of plastic bottle (Epic Bottle)
– and one-shot samples from first both categories (One-Shots).

The Big Toms and Epic Bottle includes per 100 high-quality loops in 5 tempos. There are also 50 one-shots carefully taken from the loops so one can create impacts and special effects or just finish the drum sections.

250 samples (200 loops + 50 one-shots)
3 main categories: Big Toms (100 loops), Epic Bottle (100 loops) One-shots (50 samples)
2 main formats: wav and rx2
5 tempos for each category: 100bpm, 120bpm, 140bpm, 160bpm, 180bpm
high quality samples (24bit/48kHz)

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