Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experiences for the Professional Geek

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Experiences for the Professional GeekAs Geeks we are expected to have a certain set of skills and inside knowledge that the majority of the population does not possess. To the thousands of people out there who are on the front line and in the trenches: this book is by no means complete, but is a good sample of the skills, knowledge and experiences that are required to be a true geek.
Like all good Geeks you should be able to utilize resources to accomplish or know any of these things.
– Learn Linux By Learning How to Speak Geek – Linux System Administration Training Terms & Concepts
– Google Sitemaps (AKA Webmaster Tools) Tutorial For the Non-Geek, XML Challenged Site Owner
– Reasons Why Software is Extremely Important For Anyone – Even If You Aren’t a Geek
– Geek Diet – For People Who Are Not Into Sports and Not Into Healthy Living Action
– How to Be a Player – The 5 Essential Steps That Will Turn a Geek Into a Womanizer
– Yes, Beers Can Be Classified Logically! Any Beer Geek Will Attest to That
– Just Because Your a Self-Help Geek Doesn’t Mean That You Are Broken
– A French Press Pot – For the Coffee Geek on Your Holiday Gift List
– Blurbs, Blobs, and Blunders from a Techno Geek with Telephonitis
– Deductions & Credits – Making English Out of Tax Geek
– Geek Speak – Tech Talk – Public Speaking on Technology Topics
– Does Alternating Lawn Mowing Patterns Make You a Grass Geek?
– Geek Gifts For Shoppers – What to Get the Nerd on Your List!
– You Don’t Have to Be a Geek to Know How to Create a Web Page
– Top 10 Ways to Know If Your Mate is a Closet Computer Geek
– Nerd Merchandise – Geek Gift Ideas For That Special Nerd
And Much More…..
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