EtherLog Network Sniffer

EtherLog Network SnifferEtherLog Network Sniffer logs network traffic onto disk. You can specify filters to log only those data you are interested in. It is an ideal utility for network administrators, CIO, boss, and any Internet-concerned people. Nowaday Internet has been widely used in company and home. It brings overwhelming information and convenience to users though betrayer, hacker, trojan, worm and spyware may intrude your network and steal sensitive data of your organization. Some internal users may also abuse your LAN to do some dangous or illegal activities. In some countries, there are Internet regulators that demand Internet traffic logging. If you are in above situations, EtherLog network sniffer will help you out. It captures Internet traffic in the real time, and logs data onto disk directly. You can just let it run, and view logs with our EtherDetect Packet Sniffer on the fly.
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