Ethno Techno Bundle for Kontakt

Ethno Techno Bundle for Kontakt ETHNO TECHNO Bundle For Kontakt
All the tools you need to create Ethnic Electronic music.

Sika Pro Oriental synthesizer
Darbukator Extreme II Percussion arranger
12% Discount + FREE OrienTech Loop Machine

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Summary: 12%

Concepts: Kraftwerk, Electronic music, Electronica, Techno, Electronic dance music, Vangelis, Gary Numan

/art and entertainment/music/music genres/electronic music
/technology and computing/mp3 and midi

Tags: FREE OrienTech Loop, Sika Pro Oriental, Ethnic Electronic music, Electronic dance music, entertainment/music/music genres/electronic music/shopping/resources/coupons/technology, Percussion arranger, Gary NumanCategories, Kontakt, /art

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