Exiland Backup Professional

Exiland Backup ProfessionalExiland Backup Professional is a simple and affordable automatic file backup and folders sync software. It lets you easily copy your important files automatically or manually to various storages: local, network drives, FTP servers, or other removable media (such as USB HDD or flash drives). The program can also duplicate your backups to different places: remote server, FTP, or removable disk. Exiland Backup saves your disk space by compressing your backups as ZIP files.

Main Features:
Creating backups automatically (using built-in scheduler) or manually
Four backup types: full backup, differential backup, incremental backup and synchronization data
Powerful file filters (masks, attributes, excluded subfolders, etc.)
Flexible scheduler. Ability to run tasks on PC start/shutdown, on connect USB device or run tasks from Windows command line
Program works as Windows service and allows you to copy files from many PC in corporate network
Backup of any data: Local / Network files and folders, FTP
Synchronization of Local / Network data with Local / Network folder, FTP
Backup to any locations: Local / Network drives, shared folders, removable disks, FTP servers, etc.
Duplication of your backups
Sending a backup via e-mail attachment
Standard ZIP compression to save storage space
Encryption, password protection to keep your files private. AES encryption supported (128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit key strengths)
Support for Zip64 technology. This allows the creation of zip files larger than 4 GB
Splitting large ZIP archive into multiple volumes
The names of created backups depend on the date and time
Automatically delete the oldest backups
Run third-party programs or commands before/after the execution of a backup task
Viewing of the created backups
Restore the lost files to the specified folder or to their source location
Logging of all backup operations
Indication of backup process in System Tray
Three notification types (e-mail, Net Send, screen) after a backup with a success/error/warning message
Run tasks on specific conditions
Additional Features:
Preliminary estimation of the source size according to all the specified filters
Grouping of tasks, run tasks consecutively
Task management (cancel, suspend current task) during a task execution
Queue management (view queue of tasks, changing a task order, deleting tasks from queue)
After executing a task you can Shut down PC, Log off, Hibernate, Sleep or reboot PC
Editing common settings: adjusting CPU usage, program behavior in an error case, log size limitation, auto start, etc.
Setting a password for entering the program
Support for Drag-n-Drop files and folders from Windows Explorer
Backing up any files and folders
Exiland Backup does not block source files during backup operation
Easy to use Wizard for creating backup tasks
Backing up in background mode without interfering with other programs
Fault tolerance: restarting Exiland Backup in a critical error case; resuming files via FTP after the connection was broken
Equal CPU cores usage if you are using a multi-core CPU
Standard ZIP format of archives
Very user-friendly interface
Small RAM memory used by the program
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