Expert Lotto 5

Expert Lotto 5Expert Lotto is an application for lottery players from around the world. It is a complex and flexible tool providing support for any type of lottery – Jackpot, Keno, Powerball, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick X – or any other numerical lottery.

Feature Highlights

Any lottery type
You can use Expert Lotto to play lottery of any type:

Jackpot lotteries which draw all winning numbers from the same pool, optionally an extra bonus number(s) can be drawn also from the same pool.
Powerball lotteries which draw main winning numbers from one pool and one or more bonus numbers come from different pool(s).
Keno lotteries where all winning numbers come from the same pool, however less numbers are marked on paper playslips.
Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick N lotteries which draw each number from a separate pool.

The application is distributed with a long list of pre-defined lotteries and there’s also a wizard to create a custom lottery of any type with just a few mouse clicks.

Any operating system
Expert Lotto runs fine on any operating system which supports Java 1.6:

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Mac OS X – version 10.6 or higher
All sorts of Unix operating systems

Click here to see if your operating system supports Java 1.6

Winning numbers management
Each lottery in Expert Lotto comes with a database of past winning numbers. You can view, add, edit or delete any draw in the database. For selected lotteries there’s support to update past winning numbers online directly from the lottery web server. For other lotteries you can use a wizard to bulk-import past winning numbers from a text file or lottery web pages.

With Expert Lotto you can create, load or save any wheel as well as check wheel’s minimum win guarantee. Some note-worthy sources of optimized wheels are listed here.

If you play for example a 6/49 lottery you can create a full wheel of all 14 million of combinations in just a few seconds. If you play 10/80 Keno lottery you can even create all 1,646,492,110,120 possible combinations – if you have 16TB of free disk space such a huge wheel requires.

Statistical analysis
There are rich options for statistical analysis in Expert Lotto. You can evaluate summary statistics of past winning numbers or summary statistics of number combinations in a wheel. The summary statistics show the frequency of selected properties, e.g. odd/even ratio, sum, sum root, adjacent numbers, announcers and many more. The summary statistics are presented in tables which include latest hit, min/max/average skip and other details. Summary statistics are also available as charts.

Expert Lotto also shows the statistical properties of past winning numbers as line charts where it is easy to estimate how the properties will change in the coming draw.

Read the application documentation to see the full list of all supported statistics.

Expert Lotto has a long list of built-in filters you can use to reduce for example the full wheel of all possible combinations down to a few lines to bet for the coming draw. The filters range from simple ones checking for example the ratio of odd/even numbers, sum root to advanced filters which compare filtered combinations with past winning numbers or filters which evaluate the statistical properties of filtered number combinations.

You can even build a hierarchy of built-in filters bound with various logical operators to implement even the most complicated lottery strategy. It is possible to share custom filters between different lotteries or with other Expert Lotto users. The application allows back-testing and performance evaluation of custom built filters.

Read the application documentation to see the full list of all built-in filters.

Expert Lotto has a unique feature not found in any other lottery software. It is called Winning Numbers History. The application presents the past winning numbers as a series of line charts. If you correctly estimate the trend of each line chart for the coming draw – the next value will be greater than the latest one or the next value will be lower than the latest one – then you can use History filters to reduce the full wheel of all possible combinations down to tens or hundreds of combinations which are guaranteed to include the Jackpot winning combination.

Read more here.

Playslip printing
Expert Lotto prints directly to paper playslips. The application ships with a long list of pre-defined playslip layouts and there’s also a wizard you can use to easily define your own playslip layout.

Even though Expert Lotto has a rich set of features we realize that advanced lottery players have a lot of fresh and interesting ideas which might be difficult to implement in Expert Lotto. That’s why it is possible to export any table in any application window to MS Excel’s native format and process the past winning numbers or statistical results in MS Excel or any other spreadsheet application. You can also export any chart to a PNG or JPEG file.

The application takes advantage of modern multi-core CPUs. The more execution cores in your CPU the faster the application performs – statistics, filtering and any other long running tasks take much less time to finish.

User Interface
We took great care when designing the application user interface to make it as intuitive and easy to use as possible. Application screens are clean and simple, uncluttered with too many buttons or other controls.

You can customize the user interface by rearranging the layout of application windows, add or remove buttons to the main window toolbar or drag some application screens to secondary monitor.

There are keyboard shortcuts for all major actions which makes the workflow much smoother. The keyboard shortcuts are fully customizable.

Frequent Updates
The application is under constant development and new features are being added very frequently. Feel free to join our discussion forum and post a request for a new application feature if you think that Expert Lotto is missing anything.

Application updates are delivered automatically online, you don’t need to reinstall everything from scratch when a new version of Expert Lotto is released.
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