Fashion Tycoon

Fashion TycoonFashion Tycoon is a business fashion management game. You’ll build your multination fashion company, destroy competition, hire employees, fashion models and businessman, establish company objects, run fashion show game and brand campaigns. There is a more than 30 missions with different game objectives. You can hire more than 100 fashion models, directors, brand experts and celebrities. You’ll build factories, sales objects, marketing agencies.
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Concepts: Business, Marketing, Object, Employment

/style and fashion
/business and industrial/aerospace and defense/space technology
/business and industrial/advertising and marketing/marketing

Tags: business fashion management, multination fashion company, different game objectives, fashion models, Fashion Tycoon, destroy competition, brand campaigns, fashion show game, company objects, defense/space technology/business, sales objects, marketing agencies.Concepts, brand experts, businessman, factories

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