File Date Corrector – Single (1 PC)

File Date Corrector - Single (1 PC)Licences for more than one PC:
File Date Corrector – Business (10 PCs): Licence for up to 10 PCs within same company
File Date Corrector – Corporate (11+ PCs): Licence for unlimited number of PCs within same company

File Date Corrector is a program for Windows and enables to correct the system-provided file dates "Created" and "Modified". The correction is made according to the meta information contained in the files or according to a specified date. Before execution of the correction a preview is provided.
The correction of the file date is often needed when documents and images will be copied to other computers or hard drives, thereby obtaining a new system-provided file date of the time of copying. For many applications it is important that the system displays the original creation and modification dates of files.
Many file formats of documents, images and other media files contain so-called ‘embedded meta-information’, which also describe the original creation date and the last modification date. File Date Corrector can extract the necessary information from these meta-data and correct the system-provided file date, taking into account the correct time zone.
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