FilerPal Basic

FilerPal BasicTime & Job Based File Management for Networks and Desktop Computers
FilerPal Basic is the tool for the job based. time-controlled handling of files and directories. Backup, copying, moving, deleting, synchronizing, locally or on a network with adjustable detailed search and automatic execution options.
The most common use of FilerPal Basic is in a small or middle sized network in companies where data have to be automatically monitored, archived, moved or distributed. FilerPal Basic is used for others more then as a monitoring program. As powerful backup program using the archive bit, as synchronizer synchronizing more then just two folder structures, as organizer for collecting extracting and distributing files and many more. The flexibility of FilerPal Basic helps to generate solutions for individual problems. The monitoring / surveillance functions enables a time scheduled execution of all jobs. Over night, over the weekend when ever it is needed.
FilerPal Basic is used on the desktop for saving time and money as well. The extracting functions are used to make backups, clean folder structures and many more. Work like searching folders, create new folders, copy files, search next folder, create new folder, copy files … everybody knows this boring work sorting out pictures, documents or other working data. This is done easily by FilerPal Basic automated and let you use your time for the more important.
FilerPal Professional is the big brother of FilerPal Basic. It includes FilerPal Jobber for fast execution of existing jobs, FilerPal Monitor for real time file system surveillance, Email notifications, file compressing and decompressing and many more opportunities for professional users.
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