FilerPal Jobber

FilerPal JobberJob Based File Management for Networks and Desktop Computers
FilerPal Jobber is the tool for quick job based handling of files and directories, backup, copying, moving, deleting, compressing, decompressing, synchronizing, file and folder surveillance and many more. Manage your files local or in networks with detailed adjustment of the files to be processed. FilerPal Jobber is multi user able and multi lingual.
Everywhere where files have to be moved, copied, compressed, uncompressed or deleted repeatedly. On the desktop or in networks. Detailed settings allow different possible applications. For example in networks where files have to be collected, archived, extracted or distributed. FilerPal Jobber can be used for different kinds of file management such as backup or synchronization.
Also on the desktop simplifies FilerPal Jobber the work with files and directories. Copy, move or delete defined files out of directory trees with one click saves time and forces productivity. Work like to find a folder, select certain data to copy, create a new folder, paste, find the next folder, copy files, create a new folder – everybody knows the boring work when handling big amounts of files and folders – this is work that easily can be done automatically by FilerPal Jobber to get time for the really important.
FilerPal Jobber is a stand alone part of the File management suite FilerPal Professional. FilerPal Professional includes a Windows Service for execution in the background, a scheduler, FilerPal Monitor for real time file system surveillance, FilerPal Jobber (this program) for fast execution of existing jobs, Email notifications, file compressing and decompressing and many more opportunities for professional users.
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