FilerPal Monitor

FilerPal MonitorJob Based File System Surveillance File and Management for Networks and Desktop Computers
FilerPal Monitor is the tool for the job based management of files reacting to real time changes in a file system.
Backup, copy, move, delete, synchronize, compress, decompress files locally or in networks with file and folder monitoring, email notification, log files and many more options.
FilerPal Monitor is multi user able and multi lingual.
The FilerPal Monitor reacts to changes in a file system and executes pre-defined jobs after defined event counts. Due to the various setting options FilerPal Monitor can be used for different applications such as in networks companies where file systems have to be surveilled, data automatically collected, archived, moved or synchronized. Monitor jobs can be executed on command and so it can be used as a powerful backup or file organization program.
Example: Employees in a network are saving their files in a central directory. Through the surveillance with FilerPal Monitor these files can be processed further automatically to move them to other folders, make copies or synchronize with other directories. Through detailed settings files can be sorted out in real time.
FilerPal Monitor is a stand alone part of the File management suite FilerPal Professional. FilerPal Professional includes a Windows Service for execution in the background, a scheduler, FilerPal Monitor (this program) for real time file system surveillance, FilerPal Jobber for fast execution of existing jobs, Email notifications, file compressing and decompressing and many more opportunities for professional users.
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