Filesystem Dialogs Library Commercial License

Filesystem Dialogs Library Commercial LicenseEnhanced file and folder selector component for the Win32 platform. It is call compatible with comdlg32.dll. It’s purpose is to provide the most powerful user-friendly file and folder selection options and simple file managament tools for the session.


You can use all your existing comdlg32.dll calls, just call the according functions respectively
Can give back multiple files from different folders (that comdlg32.dll can’t) for example when loading multiple recent documents
Option to call the dialogs like normal forms (without modal mode, and users can continue their work while browsing for a file – this is the prefered mode also)
All window/column position/size (sorting) settings are saved for every application and/or the user can choose to always use his/her favourite dialog settings
Has a very hiqh quality thumbnail mode (that supports much more formats then the Windows dialog, displays audio files too Taged with ID3v2 and containing SESC frame, HTML, text documents, etc. – a plugin system is under development to support various file formats)
Option to cache the thumbnails on a per folder basis (like the Windows dialog’s Thumbs.db just with a little bit better quality and with audio file and other file formats support)
Special support for bass.dll. If bass.dll is found audio thumbnails are generated from all formats that BASS supports or there is a plugin loaded for the particular format
Free Image Library (FreeImage.dll) is supported also (adds many more formats)
Recent document list on a per-application basis (favorite feature) available with one click – the extension of the according Windows idea
Recent folder list, that the user can access with one click
Customizable favorite folders list, that the user can access with one click
Implements by far the best folder selector (with the same recent and favourite list)
Automatically decodes URL encoded filanames and underscores ("Man%20on_Mars.jpg" -> "Man on Mars.jpg"), automatic file name template usage
Viewer (previewer) for pictures/images & an integrated web browser for the rest of the files (and a secondary display viewer mode for dual display setups, one of the powerfullest features)
Speed: The file dialogs appear for the first time in 1 to 2 seconds and ~600ms on consecutive calls on a 1.5GHz system + list update
Win32 and Win64 version


Delphi (TOpen/SaveDialog compatible) component and C++ header included, VB, C# or any developer environment that supports the stdcall calling convention.

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