Flash JigsawPuzzle AS3

Flash JigsawPuzzle AS3Jigsaw Puzzle AS3 is a Flash CS4 UI Component developed with ActionScript 3.0, and packed as extension by someFrogs. Major update of our previous Jigsaw Puzle component written with ActionScript 2.0. The result is a brand new product. The intent remains intact – easy to use Flash component for preparing Jigsaw Puzzle Games in Flash authoring environment. The component saves the hard coding part of the work, leaving the pleasant one – to choose the pictures and make some design in Flash – in order to liven up your site with vivid Jigsaw Puzzle Games.
Jigsaw Puzzle AS3 component is written with ActionScript 3.0, and adresses both the easy and hard users of Flash. You can prepare a basic puzzle, using the drag-drop method; can improve the puzzle with copy-paste the codes provided; or can use the component in advanced Flash applications. Although the raw AS3 source code is not supplied, the component provides methods and events to ensure the interaction with additional codings.
Including our previous experience and the innovations brought by AS3, the component gained better performance, look and feel. Please take the time to check the samples, and download the free versions of Jigsaw Puzzle AS3. We hope you’ll like it.
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