Flash SlidingPuzzle AS3

Flash SlidingPuzzle AS3Sliding Puzzle AS3 is a Flash CS4 UI Component developed and packed as Extension by someFrogs. You can build and publish your own Sliding Puzzle Games easy if you are familiar to Adobe Flash CS4. Sliding Puzzle AS3 Component can render any external image (jpeg, swf and formats supported by Flash Player) file or any symbol in the Flash’s library as a Sliding Puzzle Games.
Methods, properties and events supported by Flash Sliding Puzzle AS3 Component allow advanced Flash users adjust all of the parameters, even at runtime. You can check the sample flash games and documentation to see if the sliding puzzle game meets your needs.
The Commercial license of the Flash Sliding Puzzle AS3 Component is developer license and includes a different compile, that does not trigger the somefrogs brand protection logo and can be used unlimited times in unlimited number of sites built by the developer.
A full functional freeware version of the Flash Sliding Puzzle AS3 Component with a small "by somefrogs.com" notice is available for download. Any use of this version is accepted while the notice remains intact.
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