Flow Pro

Flow ProFlow Pro computes steady-state water surface profiles for many prismatic open channel shapes, including circular, rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular, ushaped, and tubular. It handles both subcritical and supercritical flow types, and includes several new tools for designing weirs, orifices, and underflow gates. Flow Pro also computes many useful flow and channel properties such as critical depth and slope, hydraulic radius and wetted perimeter, normal depth, channel roughness, and much more. It uses Manning’s equation and numerical integration for state-of-the-art accuracy, and accepts both English and SI units of measure. Flow Pro includes a built in customizable graphing utility for a visual analysis of many hydraulic properties like velocity, depth, energy, momentum, and more. It also produces report ready results that are compatible with all major spreadsheet and word processors like Microsoft Excel and Word. Experience the power of 32-bit computing and the convenience of long file names. Flow Pro utilizes the friendly Windows 95 look and feel for increased ease of use. It’s context-sensitive help and intuitive input dialogs make designing channels or canals fun and easy!
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