FlyClockFlyClock is a slide show countdown software for MS PowerPoint and WPS PowerPoint.
Sometimes, we need to remind the speaker of the PPT that the time is up, and that the computer’s automatic reminder is probably the most appropriate. In the past, we needed to add a countdown plug-in to PPT to implement this function, but FlyClock didn’t need it. It automatically started the countdown when the PPT started the presentation.
1.there is no need to make any changes to the PPT file, and the countdown starts automatically when the slides are shown;
2.before the end of the countdown, FlyClock can play prompt music; the end of the countdown, FlyClock can play music and turn off the slide show; can set different remaining time on different slides, or close the countdown time;
5.when the slides are idle, you can display the machine clock; can set the font, size, color, transparency and other display content at will.
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