Focus Photoeditor (v. 7)

Focus Photoeditor (v. 7)Focus Photoeditor is a complete solution for your image and photo editing. This program is easy to use and has hundreds features to let you do almost anything to your pictures. One of the most appealing aspect of Focus Photoeditor is that you really can perform any graphics operation, from Photo Correction to Image Composing, from Print Projects to Web editing. If you are looking further and need a Creative, Powerful tool for your graphics editing, then we are sure that Focus Photoeditor is the right program for you. Whether you use it for work, hobby, or entertainment it will be one of the most useful tools on your computer. With Focus Photoeditor you can: Acquire Pictures from any source Correct digital photos Produce pictures for the Web Create Web Albums Print your own Cd and MC covers Paint and Retouch Create professional looking graphics Build Image Compositions with Layers Have fun and extend the image editor abilities with Photoshop plugins. Batch Process files
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