Framerate Converter HQ

Framerate Converter HQFramerate Converter HQ (FRCHQ) is the video processing tool that can accurately change video framerate, speed and frame aspect.
FRCHQ can:
convert NTSC video to PAL and otherwise
make video with any frame rate (e.g. 23.976 fps) from NTSC or PAL source and otherwise
make non-interlaced video from any interlaced source (e.g. full-speed 59.94 fps from interlaced NTSC) and otherwise
make letterbox video from 16:9 or 2.35:1 squeezed source and otherwise
slow down or speed up any video keeping all movements relatively smooth
and many other similar jobs
FRCHQ offers 8 frame interpolation methods (plus 2 median filters) with definable interpolation range and 5 deinterlacing methods. This program can be used for making high-quality videos without a special equipment as well as for professional video editing.
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