Friends of XSharp

Friends of XSharp4 stable builds of the X# product every year
nightly builds of the X# product
Access to ALL the source code, so not only the source code to the runtime libraries but also to the source code of the Compiler and the other tools, such as the Visual Studio integration. The source code to the other components will be licensed under a more restrictive license, which allows you to use and change the source, but does not allow you to distribute the source to these components.
Access to closed forums and newsgroups on the XSharp web server where the FOX subscribers will be supported by members of the X# development team directly
And because we realize that many of you need support on the existing products as well we will also include access to closed support forums and newsgroups for Visual Objects & Vulcan.NET on the XSharp web server for support for Visual Object and Vulcan.NET. You will get support from the original developers themselves. We know these products inside out, so who can better support you and provide you with workarounds or solutions for problems with these programs?
Please note that for each developer that you want to give access to the private forums and newsgroups you need to buy a separate license!
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