FutureDecks DJ pro

FutureDecks DJ proFutureDecks Pro – the professional audio-video DJ mixing software

With FutureDecks you can mix your songs and videos like a pro DJ. Beat-matching is just a click away and also are seamless beat-aware loops and many other things. All theese thanks to the precise automatic BPM counter.

Each of the 2 fully independent decks have functions for cueing, pitch (speed), vinyl simulation (scratch, reverse play, brake, spin), equalizer, gain, listening only in headphones, etc. You can also apply 8 distinct effects and also a sweep filter

Songs stored in the playlist can be searched and pre-listened (in the headphones). Using the AutoMix function, you get fully automated mixes done entirely by the software. You can record your mixes to burn them later on CDs and share them with your friends or even broadcast them.

FutureDecks Pro runs on both MacOSX and Windows.
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